Sick Today

So today so far im just waking up and oh yes im in one of those moods...you know the sarcastic I might knife the blond one and no i wont be held responsible for my actions mood( and no im not a killer the knife comment is a movie reference for those of you in the know laugh with me!). I was not feeling to well all day but my fiance was super sweet and made sure i was okay and got to rest. But now im up and moving and I'm reading a new book, dont worry i'll make sure to write a review when im done with it, and Im just relaxing. My day was otherwise uneventfull but i did watch or well I started to watch Transformers which is an amazing movie let me just tell you! And yes I have seen the second one! Hannah, my fiance and I saw it together and i was wowed! Also i would like to say thank you to Hannah who gave a shout out to me on her blog Changing My Deffinition of Life which is an amazing blog which i would recomend to anyone to read. For now im going to stop writing because frankly Im boring myself and lost my groove and roll on my, well hmm how to phrase it....my 'special' mood, but thats all for now so off to read and spend time with my amazing fiance and wait for Wendy's from Hannah. Im out for now but later!


Today: Up and Down

So today I pretty much layed low and i finished the book i was reading, Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland, it was a great book, filled with suspense and humor. Any who back to my day...I woke up and I relaxed and updated my book list that i keep of all the books I want to read and have read and own. Then my fiance came home for his lunch break and then after that i watched Bride Wars and tried unsuccessfuly to try and pick a new book to start. Then my future sister in laws husband came home and then Hannah herself came home and we chatted and then we all sat down to have dinner which was fun because we all sat and laughed.

Afterwards Hannah and I did the dishes and proceded to have a laughing fit about my fiance and his rough housing with Rocky the dog. Then I helped with laundry and now Hannah and I are watching Warehouse 13 which is a fantastic show which i would recomend to anyone. So now im running out of things to talk about and at the risk of boring everyone resting on my shoulders im just gonna shut up now so.....check back later


Hi! My names Shayla and no i won't ever say my last name...Im new to this whole blogging thing and I'm not quite sure what I want to say yet I'm still trying to figure it out. So a little about me..I am recently engaged and I absolutly love my Fiance!! Im a bookaholic and trust me its not an addiction I would ever want to break....I love meeting new people and just going for car rides checking out the scenery, I've done this alot lately with my soon to be sister in law Hannah...and man did we get some amazing pictures of these amazing houses, we actually saw a castle and yes we took a picture and no we are not creepy! We just have the nerve to do what alot of people wouldnt and yes! there is a difference...but that was off topic..and trust me I do that often, you'll learn to love it or hate it but great if you love it and stop reading if it bugs you.

So back to more about me..I have an amazing little Shih-tzu dog named Gizmo at home and ive had him for almost seven years now. I love animals of any kind. Some hobbies of mine are yes already said reading, photography, going to the beach,watching movies, finding new music I've never heard,laughing(and yes laughing is so a hobby, everyone needs laughter in their lives), i use to play volleyball very seriously but I've thrown in the towel on that due to past injuries..im sure I will fill you in more about me as time goes on and I want to get some reading time in now soooo....later